“I’m stuck in my vehicle … and there’s fire all over”

Four Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff officers were trapped in the Lower North Fork wildfire on March 26, 2011, southwest of Denver, but they escaped eventually, unhurt. This is an audio recording of some of the radio traffic from that incident, courtesy of 9news who got it from a scanner feed.

Click on the green arrow to listen to the recording.

More information about the Lower North Fork fire.

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One thought on ““I’m stuck in my vehicle … and there’s fire all over”

  1. Too many Law Enforcement personnel find themselves on the front-line of a fast moving fire without the benefits of any training or PPE: sometimes they die! Remember the Deputy on the Wasatch fire in Utah in 1990? How about the LE person that died on the 1991 Oakland Hills fire? If LE folks are going to be involved in evacuations of civilians in the WUI, they should have RT-130 as a minimum, and some PPE and a fire shelter too.

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