We welcome MPC FIRE, producers of Ultra High Pressure foam systems

Richmond UHP system

Richmond (IL) Fire Department's MPC FIRE Ultra High Pressure foam system mounted on a Kubota ATV

Wildfire Today would like to welcome a new supporter, MPC FIRE, a division of Michigan Power Cleaning, which produces a line of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) foam fire suppression systems. The units can be installed in an all-terrain vehicle, pickup truck, utility vehicle or as an auxiliary system on a larger apparatus. The company builds units from 3.5 to 10 GPM creating 1,500 psi. Using up to 300 feet of light weight 3/8-inch hose, the system draws air through holes in the side of the nozzle as the water containing the foam concentrate is pumped through the nozzle. There is no need for an air compressor.

Ultra high-pressure breaks water droplets down to less than 5% of a standard low-pressure system droplet, increasing the surface area covered, while extinguishing a fire more efficiently with 60% to 90% less water..

The UHP system can be used on wildfires, flammable liquids, or structure fires. The foam cell can hold 2.5 gallons of either Class A or B foam concentrate. Units feature a CAT pump driven by a Honda or Kohler engine.

MPC FIRE uses most of their annual advertising budget to donate a UHP system to a needy fire department. The application is HERE. The 2012 drawing to select the lucky fire department will be held on July 4.

Here is a video that shows the Ultra High Pressure system in action. For the first 3-4 minutes it is being used in a wildland situation. At the 5-minute mark it is demonstrated on a structure, and then at 8:30 it’s used again on vegetation.

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