Can a fitness model pass the FDNY test?

The video below attempts to answer the all-important question — “Can a “fitness model” (whatever that is) pass a New York Fire Department physical fitness test?” I won’t spoil the ending for you.

A question they DON’T answer: “Can a fitness model pass the Work Capacity Test?”, aka “Pack Test”? Do you think she could?

After I watched that video on YouTube, one of the “recommended” videos was titled TFFA Girls. It turns out that TFFA stands for Tucson Firefighters Association, and the video is a preview of the organization’s 2013 calendar, the female version. They also have a male calendar. I was unable to determine if the very fit women in the video, who occasionally wear turnout pants over bikinis, are actually Tucson firefighters.

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3 thoughts on “Can a fitness model pass the FDNY test?

  1. In the 80’s one of the FDNY agility test evolutions was picking up a sledge hammer and knocking a truck tire (mounted on a rim) down a waist high steel table. The test was timed and the farther down the table the candidate knocked the tire, the higher the score.

  2. I do not think I would want this model trying to save me from a fire. And where is her mask? All firefighters have to wear them when going into a fire.

  3. I personally worked with 2 of the girls in the TFFA video and yes, they are actually firefighters, and very good at what they do. Goolsby, not sure if you were trolling or what, but it’s a photo shoot/ publicity story, so yeah, they probably didn’t want to have her wearing a mask… Kinda defeats the purpose of the photo shoot, don’t you think? I’d personally go into a fire with any of the women from TFD. They hold their own.

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