List of the 26 largest fires currently uncontained

It can be overwhelming to attempt to get a clear picture of the state of the wildfires in the United States with so many large ones churning out tens of thousands of acres and massive smoke columns every day. So I  put together a list of all of the fires listed on the national Situation Report that are not contained and are larger than 4,500 acres — 26 of them this morning. Of course there are many other fires that are less than 4,500 acres. Some of those will continue to grow as competition for firefighting resources increases and aggressive initial attack on new fires becomes less common.

List of large fires, July 1, 2012

This list does not contain any fires that have previously been contained.

It is a pretty impressive list, especially since we are just beginning to enter the traditional busy part of the western fire season. The National Preparedness Level is 4 (maximum is 5). Only two other times have we entered PL 4 this early in the year.

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9 thoughts on “List of the 26 largest fires currently uncontained

  1. And High Park, since it’s officially contained, is left off this list. 87K+ acres and >300 structures lost. Crazy.

  2. bill thank you for sharing this wonderfull website with all of us.. you all do a fanstatic job keeping all of us safe
    you are a great asset to the fire fighting community and very much appreciated. :)

  3. My daughter lives in the Craig area and I am trying to find an Internet link that will show me a map of all of the Colorado wildfires since I am not that familiar with the names of all of the areas. Do you know of such a site. If so, would you be email that URL to my address above?

    • Inciweb is one resource that provides that service and shows the fires on Google maps and a brief writeup on the fires by the incident commander.
      This is for the High Park Pire…
      You can use the zoom out and pan feature on the map to view other fires in Colorado and elsewhere.

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