A UAV air tanker?

Nitrofirex UAV

Nitrofirex UAV

Over at Fire Aviation we explored the concept for a squadron of UAV air tankers that would be deployed from a large cargo aircraft orbiting over a wildfire… at night.

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3 thoughts on “A UAV air tanker?

  1. Hi Bill

    They will be exhibiting their concept at the European aerial firefighting conference in France this April. I am co-chair of the conference so I will be interested if it can move beyond a theoretical concept when I meet with them.

  2. Just as Boeing is using its borderland R&D for multiple projects, Nitrofirex is promoting its UAV capabilities for more than just night-time aerial firefighting. These include:
    “To combat pests or to spray crops in remote or inaccessible areas”.
    “For night-time fumigation of plantations in antidrug operations.”
    Time to divest myself of my plantations in Afghanistan, Bolivia and northern California!

    Two other capabilitiesNitrofirex includes additional capabilities to : a) To
    attack hazardous industrial fires with toxic smoke; b) To combat a nuclear, biological or chemical emergency; c)
    To act on meteorological phenomena; c) ; d)
    For night-time fumigation of plantations in antidrug operations.

  3. I was at the firefighting conference and it looks like Beriev is interested in buying Nitrofirex. At the same time, there were rumors about Boeing investment in Nitrofirex but the company owners did’t confirm this.

    I am sure that there are similar projects in the USA.

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