Wildfires destroy 75 homes in Chile

Valparaiso fire
Valparaiso, Chile fire
Photo by @ClimaValpso

Dozens of homes, at least 75 according to reports, have been destroyed in a wildfire in Valparaiso, Chile that started Thursday afternoon. About 600 residents were forced to evacuate in the Rodelillo and Los Placeres neighborhoods of the city. Some locals complained that the response from firefighters was slow and there was not an adequate amount of water available at fire hydrants.

Valparaiso fire
One of the fires in Rodelillo – Valparaiso, Chile, Yesterday (ayer) and Today (hoy). Photo by @ClimaValpso


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Author: Bill Gabbert

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3 thoughts on “Wildfires destroy 75 homes in Chile”

  1. So very sad. What amazes me is how green the hillside looks and yet it burned like crazy. Must be very dry.

  2. Was just in that same neighborhood a month ago and remarked to my companion that this would be a challenging interface concern on the right day. Looks like that day arrived. Sad, as the people of Valparaiso are wonderful and the city is beautiful. Not to diminish any losses, but the houses affected are really quite basic – little more than cinder walls and sheet metal roofing.
    Lots of introduced commercial trees in the area though, particularly eucalyptus and Monterey Pine…they don’t burn well do they?

  3. Someone must have done something right to stop this fire mid-slope with continuity of fuels (homes).

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