Maps of Colorado wildfires, June 11, 2013

Map of Colorado fires

(Originally posted at 5:18 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013; revised at 8:20 a.m. MT, June 12, 2013)

There are at least three major fires burning in Colorado.

This first map shows the general locations of three fires: Big Meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Forest near Colorado Springs, and Royal Gorge at Canon City southwest of Colorado Springs. The red squares represent the approximate location of heat detected by a satellite at 2:40 p.m. June 11, 2013.

Map of all three fires:

Map of Colorado fires
Map of three Colorado fires, 2:40 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013

Big Meadow Fire

The most current maps and information about the Big Meadow fire are now being posted in an updated location.

Map of Big Meadow Fire, 2:40 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013
Map of Big Meadow Fire, 2:40 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013

Black Forest Fire:

The most current maps and information about the Black Forest Fire are now being posted in an updated location.

Map of Black Forest Fire at 2:40 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013
Map of Black Forest Fire at 2:40 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013 (note: Hwy. “87” is also Interstate 25)

Below is a map from KKTV in Colorado Springs showing the mandatory and voluntary evacuation areas near the Black Forest Fire, as of 8:58 p.m. MT, June 11, 2013. The evacuation zone has been changing frequently and this one may be out of date by the time you see it.

Black Forest evacuation areas 10:39 p.m. 6-11-2013
Black Forest evacuation areas 10:39 p.m. 6-11-2013

Royal Gorge Fire:

The most current maps and information about the Royal Gorge Fire are now being posted in an updated location.

Map of Royal Gorge Fire, 2:40 p.m., 6-11-2013
Map of Royal Gorge Fire, 2:40 p.m., 6-11-2013

Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

47 thoughts on “Maps of Colorado wildfires, June 11, 2013”

  1. Excellent information im a truck driver in kansas about to head into Colorado was able in advance to confirm a safe route..invaluable info..thank you.

  2. We have reservations on the summit at Estes park, June 20 thru the 26, are there any fires in that area? We did have one last year close to the road that goes up to the ymca. I would appreciate if you can keep us posted . Thank you:-)

  3. Cancelled my trip to ride the train in Durango Silverton. Best train ride in the country. I hate to see Colorado go up in “smoke”.

    1. why cxl your trip to durango? no fires there. in fact the area between durango and silverton is cool. anywhere can have a fire these days, as our “new normal” with climate change has news readers giving out tips for “wildfire season.” but that said, durango and several communities outside of durango have fire mitigation well in place. you should re-think your plans.

      1. took the trip on the Durango to Silverton train and it was great I went the week of May 20th. Take the narration car. Well worth the money. Montrose is also a great place to visit, they have a Mountain of the West museum that is great. Check it out on their website. Have fun.

  4. any fires moving towards Idaho Springs area??? I didn’t see it indicated on your maps, but not sure which way these fires are moving in direction. Thanks for comments.

  5. Route planning for a 10 day motorcycle zigzag through the Colorado Rockies beginning next week. This information is very helpful in planning the route, thanks.

  6. I am going on vacation at the Broadmoor Resort 20-25 are the fires close to the Resort? Last year when we were there they had a fire and with the smoke and altitude it made it hard to breathe.

  7. any news on the small plume seen on poncha pass june 12? any fires near monte vista? how is wolf creek pass faring? it’s pretty dead and dry up there. please use extreme caution when traveling over wolf creek.

  8. Our boys are going to Camp Alexander in 10 days, the Boy Scout Camp. Any problems I need to be aware of?

  9. Planning a trip to Colorado Springs, Royal Gorge Bridge and Denver, leaving June 27th. Fires will probably be contained by then but not sure if we are able to view RGB. Destruction may not be fixed before then??

  10. My grandson’s boy scout troop from Cypress, Texas are currently camping at Camp Alexander, Lake George. We got news last evening that some of their scheduled activities for today were cancelled, river rafting and some biking due to smoke from the wildfires in area. At this time, the word we have from the camp is that they aren’t evacuating…understandably, there are alot of nervous parents here worrying about their children. Any safety concerns for this area? Any info is appreciated – thanks.

    1. Lake George is more than 50 miles away from the two closest fires, so there is no threat from any fires currently burning. Here is a link to a map that shows the location of current fires in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and most of Wyoming.

  11. Thank you so much for responding, appreciate it! Our thoughts and concerns for the safety of our Colorado neighbors and the firefighters working to get the fires under control are with you all.

  12. Its only spring time in the Rockies. This kind of fire behavior and property loss already! These fires are only the “opening act” for more to come. After months of discussion and legislation I was disappointed to hear that the first aerial delivery of retardant was (again) the next day? Colorado needs to go back and read Dr. Gabberts perscription for stopping fires before they “eat” homes. Durango or any where else in the West this fire season isn’t immune.

  13. I was planning on coming to stay in Colorado Springs tomorrow for four days. We were also planning in going to Denver one day. We are staying in Cascade. Do you think it will be difficult to get around with the extra traffic? We may postpone.

    1. Yes, any information on the East Peak would be great. There are a lot of people wondering about the boy scout camp.

  14. We have a property off of iron mountain road. Do you have anything on the Bull Gulch fire? It is very close to our property…thank you so much

  15. My wife’s Aunt lives in South Fork, Co and were told to get out, how bad is it there??

  16. We will be in Santa Fe NM this Thurs 6-27 for 3 days. We heard there
    is smoke there from area wildfires. Our daughter is pregnant & coming with
    us. Should she avoid these smoke-filled areas from the wildfires due to
    health concerns for her baby? Thanks so much.

    1. Unfortunately, Linda, our expertise is in fighting wildfires, and we don’t feel qualified to answer your question about the effects of smoke on an unborn child. However, in recent days and weeks New Mexico and other areas have been experiencing episodes of wildfire smoke. Today we posted a map showing the distribution of smoke in the United States and Canada.

      We did a Google search for “effects of smoke on unborn children” and found tons of information, but most of it probably deals with cigarette smoke, which may or may not have effects similar to wildfire smoke.

  17. My family wants to visit Colorado Springs for the Fourth of July. Have all the wildfires been contained?

  18. Can you please send me a map of ALL fires burning now, June 24th 2013.
    I would like a map of locations….PLEASE!


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