Smokejumper video wins award

Smokejumpers have been getting a lot of press over the last few weeks — and then Luke Sheehy, a jumper from the Redding base, was killed on a fire Monday — may he rest in peace.

A student group from the University of Oregon recently won an award for a five-minute video they produced that featured jumpers out of Redmond, Oregon. Up in Smoke collected a Hearst Award for Multimedia Team Storytelling. Entries submitted for the award were evaluated on a team’s ability to cover news for an online audience using multimedia techniques with an emphasis on multimedia storytelling, quality journalism and creative use of the medium.

You can judge it for yourself:

My opinion? I would give it a Thumbs Up, except for the thumping sounds in the background that at times drowned out the speakers.

Thanks go out to Kelly

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3 thoughts on “Smokejumper video wins award

  1. That thumping you hear Bill is pride.

    By the way, keep up the good work on this site. I visit daily along with the aviation site.

  2. @Atteberry: yeah. I was never a jumper but I don’t think Gabbert was either.

    @Gabbert: WTFO, you got no EQ on your ‘puter sound there in the flatlands?

    @the rest of you jumpers:
    yay you and then some. Especially @Cravens and y’all Redding kids.

    @the UO kids who did this: THANKS. nice. good go. We likes it.

  3. Excellent short film. The cinematography, subject and execution were all great.

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