Forest Service releases recruitment videos

Above:  Screen grab from U.S. Forest Service recruitment video featuring Johnny Walker.

The U.S. Forest Service has released four videos that appear to be designed to entice more people to apply for wildland fire jobs within the agency. Considering the allegations of sexual harassment within the agency during the last two years it is interesting that three of the four people featured in the videos are women.

Where are the unicorns?

It is great that the BLM is using social media for recruiting wildland firefighters Lead Range Techs. But this picture created a smile here.

What are your thoughts about this tweet?

“The Heart of a Firefighter”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has produced a very slick video about wildland firefighting, named “The Heart of a Firefighter”.

The purpose of the video is “show what we do as USFS firefighters and also the drive and passion of the people that fight fire”, according to Jason Steinmetz of the USFS Washington Office. This is a two-minute “teaser” of the final product which is expected to be five to eight minutes long.

It is well done and worth viewing.

Over on Fire Aviation we are discussing the model of air tanker shown in the video at 1:06.

Can anyone identify the firefighters in the video? If so, give us their name and the minute/second in the film.


September 27, 2013: A few people have recognized the female firefighter standing in front of the red engine with the Pulaski at 1:41, as being Kelsey Chaloupka of the North Haines VFD in South Dakota.

September 28, 2013: Brad told us: “The engine at 00:23 is Rock Hill Fire E-5 (type 4) out of Buffalo, WY. The nozzle man is Tom Provost. I believe that was the Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho.”