Betty White begins her work as Honorary Forest Ranger

Betty White has started her duties as an Honorary Forest Ranger, after being appointed to the position in September. One of the first things she did was to appear with Smokey Bear in this public service announcement.

Other Honorary Forest Rangers are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Leavell, keyboard player for the Rolling Stones.

If the video will not play on your device click HERE to see it on YouTube.


Wildfire Today reader creates Smokey Bear Jack O’Lantern

Smokey Bear pumpkin

Smokey Bear pumpkin by Steve

Steve read the instructions for creating a Smokey Bear Jack O’Lantern and executed them brilliantly, as you can see in the photo above. He said it’s his “best pumpkin carving yet!” His primary tool was a Dremel with a small drill bit. It took about two hours.

Thanks Steve. Great job! It is also an excellent photograph.

Happy Halloween everyone!


UPDATE November 1, 2013:

Michael created the one below. He said it takes a lot longer than you would think. He also used a Dremel tool.

Smokey Bear pumpkin

Smokey Bear pumpkin by Michael


Smokey Bear in space

Smokey Bear on ISS

Smokey Bear on the International Space Station. Photo by NASA.

Last year when NASA astronaut Joe Acaba flew aboard the International Space Station he took along a Smokey Bear action figure. In this video Mr. Acaba talks about observing wildfires from space and the importance of preventing human-caused wildfires.

As of noon MDT October 19 the video has only been viewed 378 times since it was uploaded over four months ago. Let’s see if we can improve that number by clicking on the play button above.

And speaking of Smokey Bear videos, the 30-second PSA below was just uploaded to YouTube four days ago — October 15, 2013. Be the first on your block to view it.

I think the above fire prevention video is very good — better than most. It actually has a call to action that the typical viewer can understand, implement, and which could produce positive results. When a billboard or video simply says “Prevent Forest Fires”, or “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” without providing a suggestion as to HOW, the effectiveness can be questioned.