Blogging From USFS Chief Officers’ Meeting

Ben Bobic of SEI Industries
Ben Bobic of SEI Industries
Ben Bobic. Photo by Bill Gabbert

I’m at the US Forest Service Chief Officers’ Meeting in Reno…. seeing a bunch of old buddies and making a couple of presentations. There are several sub-groups meeting here, including Engine Captains, Hot Shots, dozer operators, Board of Directors, Forest Aviation Officers, and Line Officers.

I always enjoy the vendors’ exhibits, so I’ll post some pictures of some of the most interesting ones.

The first is Ben Bobic of SEI Industries, showing the Bambi bucket that has an electric pump and snorkel. It can fill the bucket from shallow sources, such as a 1/2 empty foldatank on uneven ground. Ben said they have had the snorkel equipped bucket in their inventory for 3-4 years, but they have not marketed it very actively.

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