New term for prescribed fire?

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F-16 flare
F-16 flare
F-16 flares

The Philadelphia Inquirer is using terms that are new to me, calling a planned New Jersey prescribed fire a “preventive burn”, and later a “partial burn”. This burn project is in the area where an Air Force F-16 dropped some flares last May and started what became a 17,000 acre fire.

N.J. plans a preventive burn today in Pinelands.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service is scheduled to conduct a partial burn today in the Stafford Forge area near Warren Grove in southern Ocean County.

The burn is to begin about 10 a.m. east of Route 539 near the Warren Grove Gunnery Range, and wind and other conditions will determine its duration, said Jim Petrini, a spokesman for the service.

The service plans to burn as much as 2,200 acres of the Pinelands in the next few weeks in an effort to eliminate dry underbrush and tree debris that accumulate and act as tinder and fuel when a fire ignites.

The prescribed burn is a response to a May 15 wildfire that scorched 17,000 acres near the gunnery range, forced hundreds of residents to evacuate, and destroyed or damaged dozens of homes.

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