New Poll about videos

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You may have noticed that we have put a few YouTube videos on the blog. I have an attention span shorter than that of a newt and can’t get into long videos unless they are EXTREMELY interesting. So we try to be very selective and generally choose outstanding, short, videos. And we’ll try to be sure at least 90% of them are about wildland fire….. or SOME kind of fire…. or 50,000 fire-breathing rockets. Having said that, I totally could not resist posting the one about the lighter than air, jellyfish-like, mesmerizing, unmanned aerial vehicle. Did I mention that it is mesmerizing?

But perhaps not everyone likes videos. And some companies or agencies block YouTube on their computer networks.

So we ask you–to find about 4 seconds in your day and let us know what YOU think–by taking the poll on the right.

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