Humbolt fire looters

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Ray Dalton, the former mayor of Paradise, California, put up this sign.

Wildfire today covered the Humbolt fire earlier HERE; it burned 74 homes and 23,000 acres. Many of the homes destroyed were in the town of Paradise. Dalton put up the sign after he was told by police about residential burglaries during the evacuations. His home was spared by the fire, unlike many of those around him, but he plans to keep up the sign as a reminder to the gawkers cruising through the neighborhood.

Jay Grivette’s home was one of those burglarized. He is thankful that he had installed a security system that records video of the property which captured images of a white male entering the home. Police later arrested Jose Antonio Hernandez, 20, and charged him with burglary and looting. Evidence was also recovered at Hernandez’s residence.

A photo taken with an infrared camera by Grivette’s security system shows the intruder who broke into his residence.

It’s a shame that Grivette’s home was burglarized, but at least it appears that the scum that broke into his house will be brought to justice.

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