Clover fire approaches Hwy. 395

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As we reported yesterday, the Clover fire on the Sequoia National Forest in California, formerly a fire use fire, is now being suppressed. The problem is, it got up and ran yesterday…. big time.

I wonder if the bean counter regrets their decision to release some of the hot shot crews after working only 10 days so they would not have to pay overtime associated with mandatory days off with pay after working the normal 14 days on an assignment? They had planned to re-order the crews in a few days. Now with 911 new fires in the state all competing for resources, they will be lucky to get any orders filled.

The new policy of having U.S. Forest Service bean counters making strategic decisions like this could result in more Clover fires. Fires that actually cost much more than they would otherwise, while burning private land and putting citizens at a greater risk. This is the new “Accountable Cost Management” process. Who is going to be accountable for the Clover fire decisions?

Here is a map of the Clover fire that shows heat detected by satellites last night. Click on it to see a larger version. The yellow line is the last perimeter provided by the incident management team.

3 thoughts on “Clover fire approaches Hwy. 395”

  1. Excellent map. Where do you get satellite heat detection info? I’ve been trying for a month to hike thru that area on the PCT. On our first scheduled attempt a month ago, it snowed big time, so we delayed several weeks. All set to go yesterday, fire blew up and they closed the pct (I didn’t want to detour). I generally agree with the fire is needed view in wilderness areas, but don’t think the decision should be made by the bean counters.At this point we are rescheduling once again for late in July.

  2. great website….I kept trying to find current info on Clover fire…could find not much, but you have linked it together. Thankfully, folks I know who have property in Kennedy Meadows don’t look threatened …at least right now. I sent your url on to other interested parties. Julie

  3. Thanks for your efforts. Geomac and Inciweb are helpful but sometimes traffic is busy and times out.I completely agree with your statements regarding Foesrt Circus bureaucrats making land use decisions. I was in Kennedy Meadows Saturday and Sunday. Winds were gusting to 15+mph temps were around 90. The smoke plume looked like a volcano erupting. This is how our government manages our public resources? It would be cheaper to mechanically remove excess forest fuels than to fight conflagrations like this. Who is accountable for these decisions? I’d sure like to have a name.Keep up the great work.

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