Siege of '87…. and '08

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I was being interviewed by a reporter from a newspaper in northern California today about the differences and similarities between the lightning fire Sieges of ’87 and ’08. At the end of the interview the subject of the pin that was given to the ’87 veterans came up, since she had seen a photo of it on Wildfire today.

She called me again later saying that she had talked to another firefighter who told her about a poster that was also given to the ’87 vets and she asked if I had one. I said I was not sure, and that I had not seen it in years, but that I would look for it. She wanted photos of the pin and the poster, if possible.

After a short search, I found the poster, only a little worn and wrinkled. So here they both are. I wonder if something similar will be given to the veterans of the Siege of ’08?

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