Body found in burned house in Butte County, CA

A burned body was found in the remains of a house that burned in the BTU (or Butte County) complex in an evacuated section of Concow, California. According to a press release issued by the Butte County Sheriff’s office, a deputy sheriff found the body at 10 a.m. on Friday while doing a search of the structures that had burned. The house had been the residence of someone named in a missing person report. The Sheriffs office said 40 homes were destroyed in the neighborhood where the body was found. An autopsy will be conducted this weekend to attempt to identify the body using DNA or fingerprints.

Wildfire Today reported on Tuesday that up to 50 homes had burned in the community of Concow when the BTU fire complex burned through the community which is east of Paradise.

CNN is reporting that if it turns out that this person died as a result of the wildland fire, it would be the first person killed in the recent California fires. That is not accurate. Wildfire Today had the story on July 3 about 63-year-old volunteer firefighter Robert Roland who collapsed while battling a blaze in Mendocino County and died hours later at the Ukiah Valley Medical Center.