Missing Army nurse's body found by firefighters

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You might have heard about the Fort Bragg, NC, Army nurse, Holley Wimunc, who had been missing since July 8. Foul play was suspected when it was discovered that her apartment had been set on fire in several places with gasoline.

On Sunday firefighters from the Department of Forest Resources working on a vegetation fire near Camp Lejeune, NC, found charred human remains. Objects found with the body caused investigators to believe the remains were those of Holly Wimunc.

The grave had been dug about a foot deep, and the body, in three pieces, had been placed into it. The remains had been set on fire, igniting a brush fire which burned slowly for about two days before being discovered and suppressed by the firefighters.

Fayetteville police on Monday charged Marine Cpl. John Patrick Wimunc with first-degree murder in the death of his wife.

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