USFS cancels potential contract for 747 air tanker

Wildfire Today has learned that the U.S. Forest Service has cancelled their soliciation which could have led to a contract for a 747 air tanker. However, CalFire is pursuing a call when needed contract along those lines and they may have something in place by October.

If this happens as expected it will be another feather in CalFire’s cap, placing another tool in their aviation toolbox alongside the DC-10 and thier fleet of S-2’s. Earlier this year the U.S. Forest Service signed a call when needed contract for the huge Martin Mars, which has been used quiet a bit in northern California this summer in the Seige of ’08.
Capacities of large air tankers
Martin Mars: 7,200 gallons (water, retardant, gel, or wildland foam)
DC-10: 12,000 gallons (water or retardant)
747: 20,000 gallons (water or retardant)