Wildfire Today, now on Facebook

In an effort to provide more options to keep up with what’s happening in the world of wildland fire, we have expanded Wildfire Today onto Facebook. Our page can be found HERE, or you can click on the Facebook icon on the right side of this page. If you are already signed in to Facebook, just search for Wildfire Today; it should be the #1 result.

This blog site will continue to be our primary site, but the Facebook page offers some additional features. Anyone can view the Facebook page and read the posted comments and discussions, but if you are a Facebook member and become a “fan” of the Wildfire Today page, you can also:

  • Post pictures and videos.
  • Leave messages or comments on the page (known as the “wall”).
  • Participate on the discussions board (much like a forum) or post questions and answers.

Our posts here will be automatically copied once a day onto the Facebook page, but the embedded hyperlinks and photos will not be transferred.

As the page grows and people leave messages and become “fans”, it will expand our wildland fire community. You will become familiar with other wildland fire personnel who have similar interests. More and better communication is always a good thing.

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