Live Discussion–Prepare, Stay, Defend

This is was a live interactive discussion, featuring Jack Cohen, a Research Physical Scientist with the Fire Sciences Laboratory at Missoula, Montana. Our post HERE has more about Jack.

Some of the topics today are were:

  • Is Prepare, Stay, and Defend feasible? (Known in Australia as “Prepare, Stay and Defend OR Go Early”
  • What are the likely causes for so many people in the recent fires in Victoria, Australia being killed in their homes and also in their vehicles while evacuating?
  • Can Prepare, Stay, and Defend work in the United States?
  • How much Preparation must be done in order to Stay and Defend?

Click on the circular arrow down below to replay and read the text of the discussion. (The text you see grayed-out in the box below is not actually our discussion… it is generic sample text.)

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