U.S. firefighters in Australia

Wildfire Today has received some photos of the firefighters that are assisting with the fires in Australia. Wol Worrell, a Ranger / Fire Management with National Parks Victoria, was working as a liaison officer with the U.S. forces when he took these photos.

U.S. firefighters in Australia

Wol said:

I was in the States in 2000 as a member of the first Oz firefighters to assist the US with wildfires and also worked as the liaison officer in 2006 with the US firefighters who traveled down under to lend a hand.

As I understand they are mostly from the Pacific North West Region – Washington & Oregon.

They are currently working in the Yarra Wildfire Complex and are assisting in back burning / burning out operations at Mt Riddell within the water catchment area for the city of Melbourne, Victoria.

Thanks, Wol and Dick

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