New wildfire terminology

On the Daily Show last night there was much lampooning of the Obama Administration’s “rebranding” of the “War on Terror” into the new term they want to use:  “Overseas Contingency Operation”.  Really. Seriously.

And taking that several steps further, John Oliver said other rebranding plans for the Administration will include:

  • Flooding in North Dakota will become: Semi-Voluntary Property Baptism
  • Obesity Epidemic will become: Enhanced Biological Jollification

And my favorite:

  • Forest Fires will become: Extreme Wildlife Oxification and Talking Bear Employment Opportunities

Oliver then did a (poor) impression in his English accent of Smokey saying:  “Only You, Kids, Can Prevent Extreme Wildlife Oxification”.

Jon Stewart:  “Obviously you didn’t have Smokey Bear in England.”  

Oliver: “No, Jon, we just let our forests burn.”