Live discussion, Thursday, July 2 with author of "Area Ignition"

Wildfire Today will be hosting another interactive live discussion. This time we will have the honor of chatting with Joe Valencia, a former firefighter and the author of Beyond Tranquillon Ridge and the recently released Area Ignition. Mr. Valencia was a firefighter working on the Honda Canyon fire which is the subject of Beyond Tranquillon Ridge.

Anyone can participate as described below. 

The format will be text. You will be able to type in your comments or questions in real time and anyone will be able to comment or answer back. However, not necessarily everyone’s comments will appear. If the traffic is heavy, we will selectively choose which comments would be of the most interest to the audience. And, of course, rude or obscene comments will not be approved. You do not need any special software to participate, nor do you need to register. Just choose a name for yourself, then type in your thoughts.

It will be at and will be obvious when you go to the site on Thursday (or Friday down under). The post with the discussion feature will appear 5-10 minutes before the official start time. You will need to refresh your screen if you get there early.

10:00 p.m. ET (Thursday, July 2);
9:00 p.m. CT (Thursday);
8:00 p.m. MT (Thursday);
7:00 p.m. PT (Thursday);
12:00 noon (Friday, July 3) Melbourne, Australia;
05:00 a.m. (Friday) in Athens, Greece; and
02:00 a.m. (Friday July 3) UTC (GMT).

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