Minto Flats fire-138,000 acres

The Minto Flats fire west of Fairbanks, Alaska has burned over 138,000 acres.

From InciWeb:

The southeast flank of the Minto Flats South Fire is approximately 12 miles from Nenana on the east side and borders the Kantishna River on the west. Firefighters continue to assess cabins and Native allotments along the Teklanika, Tanana and Kantishna Rivers. Crews will move into new areas on the west side of the fire near Dune Lake and the Kantishna River tomorrow in their ongoing structure assessment efforts. The Doyon Arctic Wolf gas drilling rig has been secured and drill operations are moving forward. Drilling rig employees have been trained in the use of firefighting equipment installed by the incident personnel on site and the rig remains plumbed with water pumps, hose and sprinklers.


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