Bison gores touron in Yellowstone

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The Jackson Hole News and Guide has a story about a touron who was gored by a buffalo:

A bison charged and gored a California man Wednesday in Yellowstone National Park. The 55-year-old Norco, Calif., man was 10 feet from the animal, taking pictures at the Bridge Bay Campground south of Lake Village about 11:30 a.m. The bison charged and gored him in the upper left thigh.

The victim was taken to St. John’s Medical Center for treatment. Officials did not immediately release the man’s name.

“This visitor did as many do and got his camera and wanted to take pictures,” Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash said. “But at some point, the two got too close together for the bison’s comfort.”

Nash said park rangers are investigating. It was the second time a bison has injured a park visitor this year. A bison in the Canyon Village area tossed a 50-year-old Spanish woman into the air as she was talking on a pay phone June 24.

“The first one this year sounded like the woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Nash said. “This one would be the more typical animal-caused human injury. It is still up to the person to ensure that they are a safe distance from the bison.”

Nash said bison injure an average of between two and three park visitors a year.