Firefighters catch fire at sprinkler demo

STATter911 posted this video of a demonstration of interior structure sprinklers that took place in the District of Columbia on October 7, 2009 at Gallaudet University. The gear on two of the firefighters catches fire when some burning plastic dripped on them. The firefighters were unaware their gear was burning for what seems like an eternity. 

The action starts at 3:10.


STATter911 reports that the sergeant from Engine 6 was burned on the face and hand. He spent the night in a burn unit and has been released.

I thought it was customary to have a backup hose team during training or demonstrations like this.


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2 thoughts on “Firefighters catch fire at sprinkler demo”

  1. See: NFPA 1403: Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions (2007 Edition)Lessons not learned from the past were repeated again. NFPA developed the consensus standard (members and allied experts) after years and years of injuries and deaths from live fire training and simulations. I’m glad the injuries were described as minor."If it is predictable…. it is preventable." ~ Gordon Graham, Safety Expert.

  2. Well first of all i’m very sorry somebody was hurt i hope they are ok now we are all hear trying to do the very best we can do. With that said i firmly thank that they took this fire for granted and got careless doesn’t matter wether we are at a house fire or at a demo we have to take this serious . Which it appeared they didn’t do on this fire which in turned that is why this accident happen.


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