Dozer transport burned on Idaho fire

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Salt fire 8-28-2011
The title of this photo on InciWeb is "Aug 29 fire reaches edge of safety zone". And the caption there reads: "Waiting it out. The truck was not damaged by the fire." Photo by Todd Camm.

A dozer tranport burned on Monday, August 28 on the Salt fire southwest of Salmon, Idaho.

From Inciweb:

Salmon, Idaho, Aug. 29, 2011-The Salt fire, 16 miles southwest of Salmon, made an estimated three-mile run on Monday, according to fire officials.

One “dozer transport,” a truck pulling a trailer used to haul bulldozers, was reported burned Monday afternoon, on the fire’s east side.

However, no firefighters were injured, officials said.

“We heard that one firefighter did pull out his fire shelter,” Bob Sommer, the incident commander said. “But, we understand that a safety officer took the firefighter to the safety zone.”

“Everyone made their way to the designated safety zone. Everybody is safe and accounted for,” Sommer said.

Sommer said there are no reported injuries.

It’s standard practice for firefighters to always have safety zones close at hand, Sommer said. Safety zones are areas already burned or otherwise lacking flammable material.

Forest Service officials have begun an investigation, Frank Guzman, forest supervisor of the Salmon-Challis National Forest said.

The Salt fire’s run was visible for much of the afternoon from Salmon, with large smoke columns rising high into the air throughout the afternoon.

Today the Salt fire is listed at 4,679 acres with 5% containment. More information is at InciWeb.

Salt fire smoke column
Salt fire smoke column. An undated photo on InciWeb. Photo by Matt Call

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