East coast wildfires burn during Red Flag conditions

Long Island wildfire
Long Island wildfire
Long Island wildfire. From Newsday video.

Updated at 11:11 a.m. MT, April 10

Numerous wildfires burned yesterday in states on the east coast, including New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

There were several fires on Long Island near the communities of Ridge, Manorville, and Upton. In Suffolk County approximately 1,000 acres burned and three homes were destroyed. Three firefighters were injured. Two were treated and released, but the third remained in the hospital with burn injuries, according to Steve Bellone, the Suffolk County executive. Mr. Bellone, in describing one of the fires said:

This is the most serious fire incident we’ve had since the 1995 wildfire

In New Jersey there were at least two large fires in the Pine Barrens, the 1,000-acre Tabernacle fire and a 200-acre fire on Fort Dix. The initial report on the Tabernacle fire was 500 acres. Crews initiated firing operations behind 25 homes that were threatened.

Two fires in Virginia, the Alleghany Tunnels and Barbours Creek fires, have burned 2,501 and 800 acres respectively. The Southwest Geographic area has sent three Type 1 and five Type 2 hand crews to fires in the state. Arizona and New Mexico opened their mobilization centers.

A Type 2 Incident Management Team was activated for the 14,004-acre County Line fire on the Oceola National Forest in northern Florida, about a mile south of the Georgia state line.

The Red Flag warnings that contributed to the spread of the fires on Monday are expected to continue on Tuesday.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

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  1. Today’s fires on the East coast are another good example for the need of a National Air Tanker Agency (NATA). I would imagine an I.C. would be “much pleased” if he/she had immediate access to fixed wing air tankers with capacitys over 600 gallons. For those who have lost everything I bet they would have been “much pleased” also. Of all the man-made or natural disasters fire is the only one that man has a chance at changing the outcome. EVERTHING DRIES OUT, NOTHING UNBURNS!

  2. Don’t people ever learn… structural firefighting PPE is not what you want to be wearing for wildland fires.


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