South Dakota: White Draw, Highlands, and Parker Peak Fires

Map of White Draw Fire

Map of White Draw Fire

The map shows the perimeter of the White Draw fire as of 10:53 p.m. MT, July 3, 2012.

White Draw Fire

The White Draw Fire northeast of Edgemont, South Dakota has spread further north to Pilger Mountain Road. On Tuesday firefighters conducted burnouts to tie in roads and dozer lines to the edge of the fire. As of Tuesday night they held the fire on the north end at Pilger Mountain Road and on the west side at FDR 16/322/Elbow Canyon.

Here is an update provided by the Incident Management Team Wednesday morning:

Last night the containment on the White Draw Fire reached 60%. The night shift conducted patrol and mop up on areas where the day shift had completed burn out operations. White Draw operations today will concentrate mainly on mop up and strengthening the lines established by yesterday’s highly successful burn out.

Crews worked hard in difficult terrain and the high heat of the day to complete a complicated burn out operation. This operation required a high level of coordination with all divisions, landowners, and air operations.

The White Draw Fire is 7,800 acres. Currently, there are 382 personnel including three type 1 hand crews (20 people each), seven type 2 hand crews, 21 engines, 3 dozers, and six water tenders. 22 structures and 31 outbuildings continue to be threatened by the fire.

The information staff will be at the Edgemont Conoco Station from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. today to answer any questions from the public about the fires.

Parker Peak Fire

The fire is eight miles northeast of Edgemont, South Daktoa. As of Wednesday morning, the fire is 100% contained at 800 acres. Remaining on the fire are 57 personnel, including one Type 2 crew, nine engines, two water tenders, and one dozer. Five structures and two outbuildings continue to be threatened by the fire. Operations today will concentrate on mop up.

Highlands Fire

This fire 18 miles west of Custer, South Dakota, has burned 394 acres and is 95 percent contained. Information from the Incident Management Team Wednesday morning:

Mop up efforts on the Highland Fire went well over night. The crews were available to reach 95% containment. The fire is creeping and smoldering. Heavy smoke is present in the area from the combined fires burning in the area. The Highlands fire is putting up very little smoke at this time. A strike team of 7 engines remain on scene today as well as overhead. Some of engines will be available to assist with initial attack if need. We would like homeowners in the Custer Highlands area to know that we will remain on scene with this fire until the situation changes.

Objectives for today include, containing the fire within the existing constructed lines, and mop up around all structures, the perimeter, and interior islands while providing for firefighter and public safety.


Author: Bill Gabbert

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