Fires in northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota burn 100,000 acres

Map, Nebraska South Dakota fires
Map, Nebraska South Dakota fires
Map of fires in northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota, July 25, 2012. MODIS/Google. (Click to enlarge.)

With the dozens of fires in the Black Hills of South Dakota over the last week, all within 50 miles of my home, it has been hard to concentrate on other fires, but today we’re focusing to the east and south, since three Type 2 Incident Management Teams are committed to fires in that area. We’ll start with the largest, and the only one in this group that is in South Dakota.

Long Horn Complex: west of Rosebud, SD, Type 2 IMTeam, Joe Lowe, Incident Commander; 44,530 acres and 70% contained. Four outbuildings have been destroyed. The Longhorn Complex includes the Iron Shell Fire (39,780 acres), the South Crazy Horse Fire (3,100 acres), and the Longhorn Fire (1,650 acres). The Longhorn fire is now 100% contained and will be turned back to the local agency to monitor and patrol as necessary. Tuesday night firefighting efforts focused on burnout operations on the South Crazy Horse fire and patrol of the existing containment lines on all fires within the Longhorn Complex.

Fairfield Creek: 10 miles west of Springview, Nebraska, Type 2 IMTeam assigned, Todd Pechota, Incident Commander, 62,580 acres and 25% contained. Structures destroyed: 10 primary and 10 outbuildings. The IMTeam is providing support to the Wentworth and Hall Fires. On Tuesday crews were successful in burnout operations on the Fairfield Creek Fire and on the Wentworth Fire. Observed Fire Behavior: Alignment of winds and slope along the Niobrara River are contributing to rapid ROS, crown runs and group tree torching, with moderate to long-range spotting.

Wentworth: 6 miles southeast of Springview, Nebraska and 2 miles north of the Niobrara River; 2,595 acres.

Hall: 4 miles east of the Wentworth fire, 14 miles east of Springview, Nebraska, and 2 miles north of the Niobrara River. 1,425 acres.

Ash Creek: 15 miles southwest of Chadron, Nebraska, and 10 miles west of U.S. Highway 385; 1,000 acres. Type 2 IMTeam from New Mexico assigned, John Pierson, Incident Commander. On Tuesday residents along the Table from East Ash Creek to West Ash Creek roads were evacuated.


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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

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