Wildfire morning briefing, July 29, 2012

Boeing 787

CAL FIRE firefighter struck by car

A firefighter from CAL FIRE is recuperating after being struck by a car while he was operating at a wildfire near Murphys, California on Wednesday. A sports car going through heavy smoke hit Nathan Fyock, 39, and then collided with a fire engine. Mr. Fyock was seriously injured and is recovering from surgery.

Politicians vote against sustaining regulations protecting the public from wildfire

On July 25 the House of Representatives voted down an amendment to HR 4078 that would have sustained regulations “protecting the public from extreme weather, including drought, flooding and catastrophic wildfire …” The amendment would have modified the Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act of 2012 which prohibits any federal agency from taking any significant regulatory action until the Secretary of Labor reports that the Bureau of Labor Statistics average of monthly unemployment rates for any quarter after the enactment of this Act is 6% or less.

Falling debris from new airliner starts grass fire

Boeing 787
Boeing 787, file photo.

Debris that fell from a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner started a grass fire at the Charleston, South Carolina airport Saturday. Two flights had to be diverted while firefighters put out the fire and crews inspected the runway for other debris. The aircraft had just been assembled at the Boeing facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Boeing spokeswoman Candy Eslinger says the aircraft was undergoing preflight runway testing when the incident occurred.

Guest writer for Wildfire Today

I am pleased to announce that beginning Tuesday, Kelly Andersson will be assisting with the writing duties here for the next week or so while I take on a special project that will occupy much of my time. Kelly has done this for us previously (very well, I might add) and has a long history of wildfire-related writing and editing. Thanks Kelly!

Author: Bill Gabbert

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