Fire run-off gives brewery headaches

The guys who produce Fat Tire ale are using a reserve water supply because they say the water in northern Colorado’s Poudre River was tainted by a fire that destroyed hundreds of homes back in June.

Fat Tire Ale
Fat Tire Ale

The Coloradoan reported that runoff from the fire affects the local tap water, much of which is sourced from the Poudre River. Jenn Vervier, the brewery’s director of sustainability and strategic development, said “The health of the watershed equals the quality of our beer.” New Belgium’s brewery chemists have identified six compounds in the river water that could affect the flavor of their beers.

The New Belgium Brewery owners have been told that they’ll soon have to go back to using water from the river. But they say, in an AP report, that the Poudre (POO’-der) River water would kill the flavor in the ale. They’re negotiating with the city of Fort Collins to continue using the water reserve.

The city hasn’t drawn any of its tap water from the river since early June. Water quality in the river is in trouble, said Fort Collins Water Manager Lisa Voytko. “Every time it’s rained, the river has turned black,” she said.

The 87,284-acre High Park Fire west of Fort Collins was one of the most destructive in the state’s history. The fire was lightning-ignited; it burned 259 homes and killed one person.

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  1. Have to save the beer. Anyone know if the Town Pump bar is still open in old town Ft. Collins?


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