Trail camera captures photos of mountain lions and the West Ash Fire

West Ash trail camera, fire

A trail camera captured photographs of a family of mountain lions and a forest fire southeast of Crawford, Nebraska in August. The camera, set up by Steve Masek, a wildlife technician for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, was at a water catchment constructed for wildlife in the Ponderosa Wildlife Management Area.

For a couple of days the camera grabbed some still photos of a female mountain lion visiting the water catchment with her two cubs. Then on August 31 half an hour before midnight there is a series of photos of the West Ash Fire burning through the area. The camera survived the fire.

The 56,471-acre West Ash fire was part of the Region 23 Complex of fires in Nebraska that burned a total of 86,201 acres in Dawes County.

The video of dozens of still images was produced by Sam Wilson, a furbearer and carnivore manager for the Game and Parks Commission.

Here are some screen grabs from the video:

West Ash trail camera, mountain lions

West Ash trail camera, fire

West Ash trail camera

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Author: Bill Gabbert

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