A drone records video at Detroit fire

A drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, shot this video of a structure fire in Detroit Wednesday. If it were live video and available to firefighters at the scene, this technology could be invaluable at wildfires, prescribed fires, as well as structure fires.

Here is the description of the Detroit video from YouTube:


“Published on 29 May 2013


Two Detroit firefighters were hurt Wednesday evening when debris from a building fell on them. The firefighters were battling a two-alarm building fire at East Ferry Avenue and Chene Street when what appeared to be bricks fell from the top of the building.

A firefighter on a ladder and a firefighter that was standing under the ladder were hit. They were taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital for injuries to their neck and back. One of them has a severe concussion and a broken ankle. It took more than 35 firefighters to put out the flames — and sources say the firefighters were also battling broken trucks and issues getting water.

-Harry Arnold, Detroit Drone / iTVDetroit”

Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

3 thoughts on “A drone records video at Detroit fire”

  1. Go ahead and scroll to about the 1:00 minute mark and as you watch for the next 5 seconds or so, you will realize why flying a UAV for commercial purposes is till illegal.

    If you are a pilot and watch this video, make sure you have an extra pair of unders on hand.

  2. Your right! Dang, that was close.

    I can understand the asset these little guy’s could be. But, I can also see it being abused.

  3. I saw that too, Cannon. Oooh S**T! I wonder what the firefighters thought of it? We’re researching the possible use of drones for spotting wildfires in rough country. It’s got to be the way to go.

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