Let’s root for the Wildfire

Let’s root for the Wildfire! No, not THAT kind of wildfire. There is a school in North Dakota whose sports teams are named “Wildfire”.

Wildfire football team
Wildfire football team at Mott/Regent School in North Dakota. This appears to be the Junior High team. Mott/Regent School photo.

The Mott/Regent School in Mott, North Dakota (map) is the proud home of the Wildfire football team — with a distinguished record, according to their website. In their nine-man football division, they were state champions in 2007, made it to the state semi-finals 2010, and to the state Quarter-Finals in 2006 and 2011.

Other sports teams at the school are also called Wildfire, including basketball and track. The last line of their school song is:

…and rage on to Victory!

Their website proudly says:

Home of the Wildfire

I asked how they came up the the name. When the schools in the two towns, Mott and Regent, consolidated, they held a contest for a new name, and Wildfire was the winner.

So lets root for the Wildfire this year.

It’s good to have a schedule for Wildfire, don’t you think?:

Wildfire schedule, 2013

We were able to find a couple of other football teams named Wildfire. Did you know there is a Women’s Spring Football League? I didn’t either. One of the teams in the league is the West Virginia Wildfire. From their website:

The WV Wildfire is a women’s tackle football team based in Charleston, WV. We are proud members of the Women’s Spring Football League in the 8man Division. We began our inagural season in April 2011, through hard work these ladies brought home the National Championship in 2012 after winning thier division and conference titles, along with Bob Koontz as WSFL 8s Division Coach of the Year, and Courtney Cole, WSFL 8s Division MVP.

And, the Birmingham Wildfire was a minor league professional football team that competed in the Southern Conference of the LaBelle Community Football League in 2009.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

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  1. My family settled down in the little town of Regent when we came over from Germany in 1910. Our farm just outside of Regent just recently turned 100 years old and I went back to visit it about 3 weeks ago. I had found that recently the school had closed down and students were attending school in Mott down the road. As a wildland firefighter, I definitely love the name!

  2. Then there’s the Foresthill High School Wildfires in California. Very apropos — the ICP for the American Fire is located in Foresthill.


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