2 thoughts on “What can happen if you block a fire hydrant”

  1. I imagine everyone is a little on edge in Boston. The Lieutenant and a Firefighter assigned to Engine 33 were killed in back draft week before last. When they rolled up on a 3 story Brownstone there was a light smoke condition. 3 minutes later there was a back draft resulting in a MAYDAY call and the entrapment of the two firefighters. The radio traffic indicates water problems but I don’t know any further about the cause. Some people have speculated that their preconnect burned through. The Lieutenant was working the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The quarters of Engine 33 and Ladder 15 is three blocks down the street from the site of the bombing.

  2. “Run the line throught the windshield, smash — Oh wait it won’t line up, try the back window, smash — darn, still wont work. Ok lets see is if we can use the side windows — smash, I guess that will have to do, by the way make sure all the conections are tight, we don’t want any water to leak onto the expensive leather seats — wink, wink”

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