Smoke from Washington, Oregon fires covers North America

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The National Oceanic and Atmosopheric Administration’s Fire Detection Map is showing smoke from Western fires blanketing most of North America. Check out the map in real time here. 

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6 thoughts on “Smoke from Washington, Oregon fires covers North America”

    1. You shoulda been in western Montana when the 2000 Bitterroot fires were burning – couldn’t see my hay shed 800 feet away, and Air Tankers from the MSO Base were invisible until they were overhead about 200 feet above the house on their way down the B-root.

  1. I believe you Dick. I should have clarified my comment by saying this is some of the worst smoke I have seen in Billings and Great Falls since 1988.

  2. Yes, the widespread smoke is impressive. But the headline should include Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta. They have contributed much more more to the overall pall than the USA fires.

  3. Dick,

    As I recall they closed the playgrounds and golf courses in Missoula in 2000 due to the smoke and told people who didn’t have to be outside to stay indoors.

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