High stump on the Eiler Fire

high stump
High stump on the Eiler Fire. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

We had a full day in northern California today, talking to a Colorado Springs engine crew at the U.S. Forest Service district office in Chester and visiting the air attack base across the street. Then we spent a few hours on the 31,000-acre Eiler Fire 40 miles east of Redding. We will post more about these activities later, but as a start, here is a photo we took on Highway 89 on the Eiler Fire.

OK… the Hotshot Crew that is leaving high stumps… cut it out!

But seriously… Davey Tree Service was very active in the area, using their bucket truck with a long boom to do work high above the ground. Maybe this tree, right next to the highway, was partially burned through higher up in the tree and they removed the top to reduce the hazard on the highway. And maybe…. in the interest of time they moved on to higher priorities, leaving the high stump to be cut down later at their leisure. Or, maybe…. they thought leaving it like this added to the esthetics.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

4 thoughts on “High stump on the Eiler Fire”

  1. “OK… the Hotshot Crew that is leaving high stumps… cut it out!”

    Baw Ha Ha……..Made my day.

  2. Over in Idaho, between the Salmon River and Big Creek, there is a 20′ tall broken stump, with a granite rock the size of a wheelbarrow perched on top, out in the middle of nowhere. Rode by it several times pondering how that could happen. Then one day we saw Valley County road crew doing maintenance. They were using an excavator cleaning culverts. Ahaaaa, a jokester out in the woods. Stopped me from worrying that Big Foot was showing off…….;)


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