72-hour report released for rollover of USFS engine

USFS engine rollover
Rollover of Stanislaus Engine 346, July 12, 2015. USFS photo.

The U.S. Forest Service has released a preliminary, or 72-hour, report for the rollover of Stanislaus National Forest Engine 346 that occurred July 12 near Clovis, California in which five firefighters were injured. Below is the Incident Summary:


“At approximately 7:35 a.m. on July 12, a Stanislaus NF Type 3 engine was involved in a two vehicle collision which resulted in both vehicles rolling several times. The engine, on a cover assignment to the Sierra NF for lightning activity, was travelling east on Hwy 168, enroute to Prather Work Center for a briefing.

Responders from other Forest Service engines in the strike team, as well as CALFIRE, CHP and local EMS, were able to extricate the crew members and transport them to local hospitals. Three crew members sustained minor injuries, two of which were treated and released, while one crew member was held for observation overnight. The two more seriously injured crew members remain hospitalized in stable condition.

Hospital liaisons and patient advocates are in place supporting the firefighters and their families. A Peer Support Team as well as a Learning Review Team is in place. Upon completion, the final Facilitated Learning Review will be released thru the Wildland Lessons Learned center.

/s/ Kevin B. Elliott
Kevin B. Elliott
FLA Team Leader”


More information on Wildfire Today about rollovers of fire engines: Fire vehicle rollovers — how serious a problem is it? July 14, 2015

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Author: Bill Gabbert

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