Former Board members criticize Wildland Firefighter Foundation

wildland firefighter foundation logoThe Wildland Firefighter Foundation is in the news again for issues between the staff and the Board of Directors. Below is an excerpt from an article by Rocky Barker in the Idaho Statesman:

Three board members left the Wildland Firefighter Foundation earlier this month saying the charity hasn’t made the changes necessary after a controversy over the leadership of its founder and director Vicki Minor.

Cheryl Molis, a retired Forest Service administrative manager and treasurer of the group from Boise, Dan Friend, former Eagle Fire Chief and Boise attorney Steve Smith stepped down after Minor, who is beloved in the wildland firefighting community for her aid to the families of killed and injured firefighters, elevated her assistant to chief financial officer.

The three raised questions about her qualifications and independence from Minor and her son Burk who run the group that raises $2 million and distributes $400,000 to the families of down firefighters.

“They want to run it like a family business, not a non-profit,” said Molis.

Minor praised all three and said they had timed out on the board. Minor took issue with Molis…

Similar issues have been going on since at least April, 2015.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

3 thoughts on “Former Board members criticize Wildland Firefighter Foundation”

  1. Might be interesting to really “know the numbers” and consider what Vicki was paid, and what she contributed of her own funds, annually on average, since 1994. It certainly wouldn’t approach a “fat annual salary.”

  2. This is where donors have a say. Im no longer interested in donating in support of a combined fat annual salary of $238,000 for Vicki and Burk Minor. Eyes wide open, donors should know and understand the numbers and decide for themselves. Don’t donate out of blind passion to help ffs and assume your money will reach a family. So Vicki first called for an independent CFO but then nominated her inside friend? Board members then step down. Eyes wide open.

    1. If you look at her past income you will notice that averaging her incomes of the last several years she makes very little. Her salary is not a constant annually. That woman puts in more hours at work than most. Additionally, she lives in a double wide trailer. Does that sound like someone who makes too much money?


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