Little change in Whittier Fire on Monday

Whittier Fire

Above: The view from the HPWREN camera on Santa Ynez Peak in the middle of the Whittier Fire, looking south at 12:27 p.m. PDT July 18, 2017.

(Originally published at 12:54 p.m. PDT July 18, 2017)

There has not been much change in the status of the Whittier Fire northwest of Goleta, California. Over the last 24 hours satellites have not detected many large heat sources, and the size reported by fire officials has not changed since Sunday morning.

Below is an excerpt from information supplied by the Incident Management Team on Tuesday:


“Crews working on the eastern perimeter completed a containment line in Bear Creek Canyon, preventing the fire from crossing the creek. The fire continues backing down-slope on the western and southern perimeters.

The northern perimeter is transitioning to patrol and mop-up. Crews on the eastern perimeter are using bulldozers and hand-crews to build line and construct contingency lines. The southern perimeter is backing and is heavily influenced by the marine layer.

Above the marine layer expect active fire behavior; below the marine layer, minimal fire spread is expected due to high humidity.

Fifteen water-dropping helicopters and four fixed-wing air tankers are supporting crews as needed to help cool hot spots.”


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  1. The drought has reduced us to tinder; without the expertise and dedication of our firefighters, we would be in charred ruins. God help the firefighters and THANK YOU! 🙂

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