Fires in Western Montana still very active

The fires are consuming thousands of acres each day and producing large quantities of smoke.

wildfires western montana

Above: Satellite photo taken August 1, 2017 showing smoke produced by wildfires in western Montana and Northeastern Idaho. The red dots represent heat detected by a sensor on the satellite.

(Originally published at 10:48 a.m. MDT August 2, 2017)

The residents of Western Montana have been dealing with wildfire smoke for several weeks and there is no relief in sight.

Our map above identifies eight of the largest blazes in the area. Here are a few facts about some of them, with them ranked in priority order according to fire management officials.

  • Rice Ridge: Six miles north of Seeley Lake, MT; 3,994 acres, 150 personnel assigned.
  • Sunrise: Six miles south of Riverbend, 9,900 acres, 548 personnel assigned.
  • Sapphire Complex: Three fires, 15 miles southeast of Clinton, MT, 12,756 acres, 864 personnel assigned.
  • Lolo Peak: 8 miles southwest of Lolo, MT, 5,724 acres, 822 personnel assigned.
  • Arrastra Creek: 6 miles northwest of Lincoln, MT, 3,675 acres, 127 personnel assigned.
  • Whetston Ridge: 25 miles southwest of Philipsburg, MT, 3,621 acres, 30 personnel assigned.

Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

5 thoughts on “Fires in Western Montana still very active”

  1. It sure pisses me off the forest service has made an industry on burning our forest. When we had loggers in the woods somebody would spot it and get it out , then logging was our industry . Look how many people and small buisness’s were supported by our timber . What has happened to common sence and common knowledge ? I think the department of the interior needs to be investigated and restructured they sure don’t know how to manage our natural resources.

    1. How can you blame this on the Forest Service? ???My husband hauled logs of the mountains for ten years and every time there was a shut down it was because some group was protesting where the animals or birds lived.Remember the spoted owl.Every thing was a endangered specie.I don’t intent to be mean but put the blame where it belongs and I have no idea where that should be.

  2. Ummm this Website gave me no info at all i Searched up montana Wildfire Facts for my Homework This was the first Website that popped up I’m sure most of the websites i find are going to be like this :/

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