Tinder Fire continues to grow northeast of Payson, AZ

Tinder Fire Arizona

Above: Tinder Fire, April 30, 2018. InciWeb photo.

(Originally published at 8:32 a.m. MDT May 1, 2018)

The Tinder Fire 22 air miles northeast of Payson, Arizona continued to expand on the north and east sides Monday, adding another 2,797 acres to bring the total burned area up to 11,420 acres.

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The Incident Management Team has acknowledged that structures have burned but said Coconino County officials will be assessing the damage and releasing information when it becomes available. CBS This Morning is reporting that 20 to 30 structures have been destroyed.

map Tinder Fire Arizona
Vicinity map of the Tinder Fire.
map Tinder Fire Arizona
Map of the Tinder Fire showing the perimeter at 1 a.m. MST May 1, 2018. Perimeter by USFS.

The area is not under a Red Flag Warning Tuesday for extreme fire weather, but the forecast calls for 20 mph southwest winds gusting above 30 mph with a high temperature of 56 and a relative humidity of 28 percent. Beginning at 5 p.m. Tuesday there is a 50 percent chance of rain, and by sunrise on Wednesday the humidity will reach 80 percent. The elevation at the fire is about 6,700 feet.

KMAX Tinder Fire Arizona
A KMAX helicopter works the Tinder Fire April 30, 2018. InciWeb photo.

Moderating weather conditions after today could give the 510 personnel assigned to the fire a chance to make significant progress.

The video below was recorded at a public meeting Monday evening April 30.

Chinook Tinder Fire Arizona
A Chinook helicopter with an internal tank works the Tinder Fire April 30, 2018. InciWeb photo.

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