Elevated fire danger in the Southwest today

Minimum relative humidities predicted for Saturday

Above: map showing minimum relative humidity levels predicted for Saturday in the Western United States. Red Flag Warning areas are in Utah and Northern California. NWS.

The official Red Flag Warnings for Saturday only include portions of Utah and Northern California, but low humidities will be prevalent across most of the southwest one-quarter of the country. Generally, the winds will not be especially strong, which is probably what kept the Red Flag Warning areas from being larger than they are.

Very high to extreme fire danger levels are predicted for large portions of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as the lower elevations in Northern California.

Predicted fire danger for Saturday
Predicted fire danger for Saturday.
Fire Weather Outlook
Predicted Fire Weather Outlook for Saturday. NWS.
Red Flag Warnings for Saturday
Red Flag Warnings for Saturday.
Sustained wind speeds predicted
Sustained wind speeds predicted for 3 p.m. Saturday. NWS.

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