Fire causes evacuations near Monchique, Portugal

At least two villages have been evacuated

fire wildfire Monchique, Portugal

Above: the map shows the approximate location of the burned area northwest of Monchique, Portugal, August 5, 2018.

A wildfire in Portugal’s southern region of Algarve is causing evacuations in the northern portion of the region northwest of Monchique which is about a half hour drive from the tourist facilities on the coast.

Similar to the heat that is complicating efforts of firefighters in California, temperatures have been close to all time records. Some locations are experiencing 46C (115F).

The fire near Monchique has burned approximately 1,000 Ha (2,470 acres). It is being fought by by 800 firefighters, 130 soldiers, and  12 aircraft. Last year wildfires in Portugal killed 114 people in the country’s worst such tragedy on record. Authorities pulled the trigger much more quickly this time to evacuate at least two communities near Monchique.

In the video below helicopters use a swimming pool to refill their water buckets.


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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

2 thoughts on “Fire causes evacuations near Monchique, Portugal”

  1. Climate change? What climate change? Seriously, this breaks my heart; to think, all of our governments could have taken some kind of action to turn this around, or at least put the brakes on this train. I fear more of this, every year…endless fire seasons.

    1. Hi Bell, I have been paying attention to weather events in the news since 2007. The world seems to be out of balance when it comes to weather. I remember there was one time US west had huge wild fire while Iowa was flooded up to the roof of the house. Scientists gave it a name of “Global Warming”. I think it has to be something related to human activity in the world. Nixon visited China in 1972 and after that visit China has become the world’s factory slowly but surely up to today. Can one imagine how much of industrial waste goes up into the sky above China all these years? Could that trigger an off balance in the atmosphere in the world? Every year I was watching and hoping that it would ease up but it seems to get worse when you consider what we have had in the whole world this year so far.


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