Fire officials release list of structures burned in Camp Fire

The Butte County Sheriffs’ Office has confirmed 29 fatalities in the burned area

map Camp Fire Paradise California wildfire
Map of the Camp Fire. The red line was the perimeter at 7 p.m. PST November 11, 2018. The white line was the perimeter about 24 hours before. Intense heat is indicated by the red shaded areas. Click to enlarge.

(UPDATED at 7:35 a.m. PST November 13, 2018)

Since the article below was published the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has released a map that shows the status of structures affected by the Camp Fire. The new map is still incomplete and is a work in progress.

(Originally published at 8:48 a.m. PST November 12, 2018)

The town of Paradise, California has released a partial list of structures that have been destroyed or at least 50 percent damaged in the Camp Fire. The surveys to assess the damage are ongoing and so far the list only covers 695 structures. The official estimate is that 6,453 homes have burned.

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As of Sunday afternoon the Butte County Sheriffs’ Office had confirmed 29 fatalities in the burned area, while 228 people are still considered missing and unaccounted for. Some of the missing could be in shelters or no longer have cell phones. More than 100 were removed from the list after they were found.

The Sheriff’s Office has set up phone lines for a Missing Persons Call Center where the public can provide and receive information about missing individuals.

The numbers are:

The Camp Fire was very active on the east side Sunday, spreading for over two miles east of Concow and spotting across the north end of Lake Oroville. The east side was less active, but still added about 1,000 acres southwest of Magalia.

CAL FIRE is reporting that the fire has burned 113,000 acres, but the agency often intentionally under-reports the size of large fires by 10 to 15 percent.

The homes of at least 53 firefighters burned in the Camp Fire, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters. The organization set up a disaster relief center for firefighters in Chico and so far have helped more than a dozen emergency responders.

Pacific Gas & Electric disclosed to the Public Utilities Commission that one of their high voltage power lines had a disruption in service on Pulga Road near the Camp Fire at 6:15 a.m. the day it started, November 8. The fire was reported at 6:29 a.m. In the following days the stock price plunged 33 percent.

PG&E stock price plunges

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

57 thoughts on “Fire officials release list of structures burned in Camp Fire”

  1. “CAL FIRE is reporting that the fire has burned 113,000 acres, but the agency often intentionally under-reports the size of large fires by 10 to 15 percent.”

    Living in Northern California, self-interest compels me to ask why they might do that, and where more accurate size data might be available absent trying to calculate it myself from sat images. Thanks!

          1. From what I’m seeing. The homes in the area of the golf course have burned down. I saw a video on channel 7 that showed all of Potomac Dr. burned down along with homes on Cascade. As you follow Ponderosa down the hill, some of those homes are burned down and some of them appeared to be spared. On Dade Court only 1 house burned down. The Rite Aid and Jackie’s appears to have been spared, but the buildings where the fire department are housed did burn down. If you live north of Skyway and Dogwood where the Calvary Chapel of Paradise and the Propane station is, the fire stopped before reaching there. So no buildings past Dogwood burned at all.

          2. Mar. A lot of homes in Paradise Pines burned. If you’re near the golf course, that’s where a lot of the damage happened. The northern part of the fire in Magalia was near the downward slope just before Dogwood. The fire didn’t burn past the Dogwood turn where the Calvary Chapel of Paradise is located. But there’s heavy damage with some houses spared and many not spared.

        1. Why do you, Mr Gabbert, continue to tell these people who are asking about Magalia to check the partial list of structures, which is clearly only listing homes and structures in Paradise?

          1. Those comments were written at around the same time before it became clear that information about Magalia was not included with the Paradise data. I was trying to be responsive, and to help.

            The Paradise information, even though it is only a partial listing, was produced and made available for the public much earlier than we typically see in a large scale disaster. Kudos to the Paradise officials who are making it happen, and I hope that the residents from other nearby areas can see similar information in the near future.

    1. Neighbor across from 14203 Sherwood knows a fireman that told him All Sherwood is gone. I hope he is wrong?

      1. I saw a video from a lady that drove down Sherwood Circle in the POA, Magalia. There were a number of houses along it in a row that survived.

  2. Where is list of homes destroyed, still looking for status of my home and neighbors, mine 14221 Decatur Drive, Magalia, CA ,neighbors on either side of me and across street? Email on cell not working, text me at 530-518-8585

    1. I left a message , looking for a house on Decatur 14209, if u get any info, please let me know. Hoping that we get news soon.Thank u so much. I really appreciate any help. Lynne 626 6746370

    2. Hi Sara – Did you get status information? My Dad, John, lives next door at to you I believe at 14227. I can have him text you? -Alice

      1. Sweetie it appears your house is at this time undamaged by all indications. We cannot go up the hill to see with our own eyes until at least Dec 1st because the coroner is pulling out 6-9 bodies daily and 100 more are expected. They are saying even when we can go up we can’t stay due to toxicity. However, one step at a time. You should still fill out a fema assistance application to get your register # you know you will have unknown damage like ash and such the form is brief not overwhelming at all. Also the united way of butte county is another assistance you may seek. You will want all grants and good low interest loans this will be a time to upgrade your property. Sleep well tonight i will send pictures of your house soon as i find some.

  3. Merle this kitty, kiddo the fire hit on creston & sherwood i can’t go up the road but when i can i will check for you but i do not feel it will be good news.

    1. Frustrating that nothing in Magalia shows on this map. My sister lives (or lived?) on Victoria Ct. in Magalia, off Creston, between Ponderosa and Skyway. It looks like it’s gone from satellite pic I saw, but she won’t accept it until there’s a definitive answer. Can you please LMK when/if that area is checked by someone you know? TYSVM, 6290 Victoria Ct.

  4. Is there any word yet on when Magalia residents will be allowed in to check the status of their homes? Will a list of addresses be published soon as Paradise has published?

    Thank you

  5. My home is 13741 Canyon Drive, just up beyond the Magalia Cemetary in Old Magalia. Any news on this little home in the woods please? Evening of 9th fire went up past the cemetery. I lived on a little traveled road, as a neighbor added single lane concrete ‘speed bumps’ amongst the majestic trees.
    Any news is Greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,

  6. When I let my home on Edgewood lane in paradise most of the street was already ablaze. Still don’t know the conditions of my home at 5322 Edgewood. Please any info would be helpful.

  7. Why is there no info. On yankee hill. Can not find what. Homes were burned up anywhere. Yet there are people wailing all over paradise taking pictures. Of everyone’s loses its time to let. The people who used to live there see their loses. Everyone. Has seen. Except the ones that suffered the lose . we need to see what. Up with our places to get insurance rolling for us.

  8. I’m trying to find out for my inlaws who have fled to SoCal. Grandma lives on Ravelle in Paradise and my father and mother inlaw live in Magalia in Andover.

    Please help us.

  9. Looking for brother and sister Larry Nelson and June Nelson Adelman, both of whom live on Coutelenc Rd. Magalia. I’m an OLD friend (62 years!!!) of Larry’s from the Nelsons’ San Mateo days in the mid-to late-

  10. Trying to find out if 6478 Loyola Ct in Magalia is burned. Checking for my brother who lived there.

  11. What is the status of damage to 5182 Country Club Drive? This house is on the canyon side of the street. We are also looking for a cat at the same location. We’re any cats rescued on or near tha location? When will you have an updated damage structures list? What is the estimated day residents can go up Pentz to reach Country Clun Drive. Thank you. Steve Smith 702-553-7577

        1. It appears the crews go survey the damaged homes during the day, and the map is updated around 5pm or 6pm each evening.

  12. Do you have a list of the addresses to properties that burned in Magalia? I’d like to see if my old house burned down.
    I’ve since left the state.
    Prayers to all fire victims.

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