President talks about his planned trip to visit the fires in California

During his visit he wants “…to see the firefighters. Nobody’s ever seen what’s going on over there.”

President Trump wildfires
Chris Wallace interviews President Trump. Screenshot from the Fox video below.

In an interview that was taped November 16 to be aired in full Sunday November 18, Chris Wallace of Fox News asked President Trump about the purpose of his trip that is planned for Saturday November 17 where he expects to visit some of the sites in California affected by the recent devastating wildfires.

The section in the clip below where he talks about the fires is slightly shortened, but HERE you can see the entire seven-minute tease for the full interview that will be aired Sunday on “Fox News Sunday”. In the tease they talk about much more than wildfires.

Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

10 thoughts on “President talks about his planned trip to visit the fires in California”

  1. Not a lot of substance there that shows that there has been any discussion on policy options that could be be made at the federal level to support creating resistant and resilient communities to wildfire disturbance. I would like to see the administration change course on energy policy and return to the pro-biomass policies of previous administrations.

    Material removed in fuel reduction projects is LOW value. Biomass biolers, pellet mills, bio-char facilities, and co-gen plants provide opportunities to reduce wildfire risk at a lower cost. This administration also froze all cost of living increases for department of Agriculture and Interior employees. That is not a great advertisement to incentivize the best and brightest to join and further the agency’s land management mission.

    1. Thank you for introducing biomass utilization to the discussion. There’s been a lot of money spent on studying utilization in the last 50 years but it will take incentivizing the process to make it work….and that cost would be so much less than the cost of fighting mega fires and the horrific loss of lives. We can be smarter and more effective.

  2. If the discussion just continues to be ‘he’s wrong and I’m right’ little progress will be made. An effective solution here is likely one which has multiple prongs. Lots of folks dug-in.

  3. nobor seen it before…seems if he doesnt know about a thing,he thinks no one knows,kinda child like,and the thing about raking…wth?..someone needs to give him some fireline training today eh? put some tools in his hands (blister alert) and have him cut line and teach him.

  4. Will someone please educate president trump that those guys he saw raking are CCDR inmates and that the brush and dead wood in California gets taken care of daily with or without fire by our inmates who get only $1 a day to do it!! State of California also sets backfires regularly but we don’t get the same weather patterns other states do.

    1. I’m not sure we know which firefighters the President saw “raking”. Thousands of them are there from all over the U.S., full time professional firefighters, volunteers, and yes, inmates.

      1. That is so true Mr. Gabbert. One doesn’t know what agency firefighters he’s seeing or what prisoner detail too. I would think his employees would seek out that info and inform him. Of course no one really knows every detail he’s being informed of either. On a positive note also. I’m glad he at least put his boots on the ground to see the carnage.

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