Man sentenced to 12 years for starting Cranston Fire

The blaze destroyed five homes and burned 13,000 acres near Idyllwild, California in July, 2018

Cranston and Ribbon Fires
The view of the Cranston and Ribbon Fires, from High Point at 3:29 p.m. PDT July 26, 2018.

On Thursday a judge sentenced a man to 12 years and four months in prison for intentionally starting the Cranston Fire near Idyllwild, California on July 25, 2018. Brandon McGlover pleaded guilty to two felony counts of burning a structure or forest land. Judge Kelly Hansen also ordered him to pay restitution to the victims.

The fire destroyed five homes and burned 13,000 acres.

Brandon McGlover
Brandon McGlover, Photo: Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Mr. McGlover was arrested the same day the fire started after witnesses saw him start multiple fires. One of the witnesses followed him and provided a description of the vehicle to law enforcement.

He was originally charged with 15 felonies, on allegations that he also set eight other fires two days before he ignited the Cranston fire. Prosecutors and the judge allowed him to plead guilty to two charges and then sentenced him to the maximum allowed, 12 years and four months in prison.

Cranston Fire
The Cranston Fire July 26, 2018. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman.

Author: Bill Gabbert

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  1. Perhaps a fitting punishment would be to turn this fella into a mopshot for the duration of sentence. That might teach him the repercussions of his reckless behavior.

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