Wildfire in South Korea forces thousands to evacuate

The fire burned approximately 135 homes

Fire near Goseong South Korea
Fire near Goseong in South Korea. Screengrab from MBC video.

A wildfire described as the worst to hit South Korea in years was pushed by a strong wind from city to city Thursday, prompting President Moon Jae-in to declare a national emergency.

At least one person was killed by the fire while another died after being struck by falling object pushed over by the wind. Eleven people were treated for injuries.

The fire started Thursday night near Goseong, a city on the east coast about 15 miles south of the border with North Korea.

Below is an excerpt from an article published Friday at NPR:

The main fire is now nearly under control according to President Moon Jae-in, who visited the area Friday. Taking note of the hundreds of homes and buildings that have reportedly been destroyed, Moon urged government officials to “take extra care of displaced victims who — after having lost their homes in an instant — may now find time to catch their breath.”

“Moon’s office said he would cooperate with North Korea on fighting the fire if it spread northward,” NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul. “But as it happened, the winds were blowing to the south.”

South Korea’s Unification Ministry said Friday approximately 135 homes and 525 hectares (1,297 acres) burned. About 60 helicopters, 300 vehicles and 17,700 firefighting personnel were being deployed, the ministry said.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

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  1. Has this U.S. president called to send his condolences to the people of South Korea and President Moon Jae-In, and rakes.

    Their President dropped everything and went to see the devastation, unlike ours has here with the massive Oregon, WA, MT and CA wildfires in the past 2 years.


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